TEC Relief Roof Liner

The TEC Relief Roof Liner from Trinity Equipment Co. is made to complement the relief area of the roller bearing adapter and the truck side. Designed for quick and easy installation, the wear liner can be installed on truck sides that are worn in the center pedestal area without grinding, thereby giving longer life to the truck sides and adapters, while also meeting AAR specified gap clearance. When installed to new truck sides, it will greatly increase the life expectancy for both the adapter and side frame.

Features and Benefits:

  • For 70/100 ton trucks

  • Quick, easy installation, no grinding necessary

  • Eliminates the crucial relief area of the roller bearing adapters

  • Longer life to side frames, adapters, and roller bearings

  • Significantly increases air flow over bearing adapter, keeping it much cooler

  • Cost effective, saves labor cost up to $150.00 per corner

  • Mitigates part failures from cracking in worn side frames


Learn how our new relief roof liner can save you time and money.


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